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Urns are specifically made for holding cremated remains. They range in shape and size and can be simple in form or a true work of art. The urns we offer come in a variety of natural materials, such as bronze, wood, and stone. We also offer smaller keepsake urns, mementos, and jewelry.


Solid Bronze Casket

Biodegradable Urns

Biodegradable urns are constructed of unbleached, pressed cotton and include a biodegradable bag to hold the cremated remains until the time of ceremony. They are designed for water scattering but may be used for traditional earth burial in accordance with local ordinances and cemetery provisions.

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Stainless Steel Caskets

Hardwood Urns

The natural warmth and beauty of wood is reflected in hardwood urns. The distinct graining patterns of the unique wood species, combined with hand-rubbed stains and rich finishes, ensure that every hardwood urn is as individual as the life it celebrates.

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Standard Steel Caskets

Keepsake and Miniature Urns

Keepsake and Miniature Urns come in a variety of materials and will contain a small portion of cremated remains or possibly a lock of hair from your loved one. Each one is designed in the likeness of the full size offering but with the advantage of being lightweight and easily carried. Due to their small size, please contact our funeral directors to inquire about personalized engraving options. 

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Standard Steel Caskets

Marble Urns

Marble* Urns are a traditional and stylish way of capturing the warmth of natural stone. These elegant memorials ensure a unique and special tribute through the variety of color, patterns, and materials. 

*Solid marble, granite, and marble composite options are available in this category. Please contact our funeral directors for more information regarding the different materials.   

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Solid Hardwood Caskets

Memento Chests

Momento Chests play an important role in preserving precious memories. Crafted from a variety of beautiful hardwoods, they are the perfect selection to hold cremated remains, photos, heirlooms, and other cherished memories. 

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Veneer and Cremation Caskets

Metal Urns

Metal Urns pair enduring strength with engravings, appliqués, and medallions that reflect the unique personality and qualities of the individual being commemorated. We offer a wide variety of cast bronze, sheet bronze, copper, and brass metal urns to meet the needs of every family we serve. 

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Veneer and Cremation Caskets

Precious Memories - Fingerprint Jewelry

Precious Memories, Fingerprint Jewelry, are keepsakes that offer remembrances of the one who has passed in a truly unique and powerful way - with a tangible imprint that captures the unique impression every life makes on our own. Captured from an inked fingerprint, handprint, or footprint, each one is both unique and everlasting ~ preserving in precious metal every line and contour for countless generations to come. 

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Veneer and Cremation Caskets

Remembrance Jewelry

Remembrance jewelry may enable families to create personal tributes that last a lifetime. Offerings including pendants, rings, bracelets, and cufflinks in 14kt yellow and white gold and also sterling silver can provide a personal reminder of the special relationship shared between two people. 

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Veneer and Cremation Caskets

Scattering Urns

Scattering Urns are designed to meet the needs of a unique and personal ceremony. They are lightweight, easy to open, and effortless to hold and use.

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