Benefits of Pre-Planning

Planning your funeral arrangements in advance comes with many emotional and financial benefits to you and your family. Today, we would like to these benefits with you.


More time to consider your options
There is no pressure or feelings of being rushed when you pre-plan your arrangements. You and your family have time to research your options, and think about what you really want, resulting in making a well-informed decision.


Sense of accomplishment
Many feel a sense of accomplishment after pre-planning, knowing that these arrangements have all been taken care of.


Relief of burden on your family
Quite possibly the biggest emotional benefit is relief of the burden that would have been on your family at the time of passing. Your surviving family members will have less to worry about in the event of your death. The arrangements will be completed ahead of time, giving your family members time to grieve without the worry of making the “right” choices for your arrangements.


In addition to the emotional benefits, there are also some financial benefits, as well. There are several payment options available. Our funeral directors can work with you to determine which payment method or investment option best suits your needs.


Lower price for services
A great benefit to preplanning is that if you do pre-pay for your arrangements, you can lock into today’s price, saving you and your family potentially a significant amount of money. At the time of death, your family will be able to keep more, because there will be no outstanding balance on your funeral expenses, giving your family more of your assets and insurance proceeds.


No need for immediate payment in full
You can also budget accordingly to pay for your services when you pre-plan. This allows you to allocate the appropriate funds needed for your services over a period of time, vs. all at once.


Less last-minute expenses
Lastly, when you pre-plan, your family will be less likely to incur last minute expenses at the time of the services.


In addition to all these reasons, is quite possibly the most important reason you should consider pre-planning your funeral. When you pre-plan your funeral, it can be exactly how you’d like it to be; it can be a reflection of your personality and who you are. By pre-planning, you are deciding on what you want and do not want for your services, leaving the pressure of making the “right choice” off of your family.


If you’d like to further discuss pre-planning options and benefits, please let us know.

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