Coping During the Holidays

As the holidays quickly approach, we understand that a recent loss can make it very difficult for you. Here are some ways to help cope during the holiday season:


§ Allow yourself to grieve
The holiday season can be a very difficult time. Whether you have experienced a loss this year, or several years ago, allow yourself to grieve. It is common during this time of year that we remember and miss our loved ones more than ever. Do not suppress these feelings. Allow them, embrace them, and realize that grief tells no time.


§ Take care of yourself both emotionally and physically
It’s important to take time for yourself, whether it is talking with a grief specialist, getting a massage, exercising, going away for a long weekend, or simply taking a hot bath. Remember during this time that it is essential that you take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.


§ Remember
Take a moment and do something special in memory of your loved one. Visit the cemetery or memorial site, or find a new tradition in remembrance. A family we served a few years ago, started a tradition the holiday season following their loss. Every year since, they begin their holiday celebration with the lighting of a candle and a special prayer followed by each member of the family taking a turn in sharing a special memory or thought. Whether you involve your family, or simply take a moment on your own, taking this time to remember your loved one can help you find comfort during the holidays.


§ Share your memories with others
Sharing your happy memories and remembering the life of your loved one can also be very comforting. Warmth may be found in sharing the stories and the joy that was had with your loved one.


§ Do what’s right for you
Lastly, it’s important not to force anything. Know yourself, and do what feels right. You may find that you are not ready to share memories with others, but you can take time for yourself and find comfort in other ways. Listen to yourself, and do what feels right for you.


Please remember that we are always here to assist you, should you need us. We hope you find comfort and warmth this holiday season

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