Everything Hospice – Benefits for family, friends and Caregivers

Hospice is not only designed to assist the patient, but also the caregiver and loved ones of the patient. As a close family member of the patient, you may find yourself in a caregiving role. Hospice is available to assist you.
It’s important to take care of yourself when caring for a loved one under Hospice care. If you are the primary caregiver, you will find that it is rewarding, but is also hard work, and can become exhausting. Remember that you cannot take good care of another, if you don’t take care of yourself.


Hospice can offer you help, allowing you to take breaks from caregiving. Volunteers can come and sit with your loved one. This allows you to take time away and for yourself. Volunteers can also help with chores or errands to help make things easier for you. Hospice volunteers are always here to help you, and will do their best to accommodate your needs. Be sure to share your thoughts on where you need help with Hospice volunteers and staff, so that they can better assist you.


Respite care is also available if you are feeling like you are emotionally or physically drained from caregiving. It offers you a break from daily caregiving while ensuring quality care for your loved one. Respite care can vary, but is typically for a few days and is not always covered by insurance. Be sure to ask your hospice organization about respite care, and also check with your insurance on coverage.


Following your loved one’s death, Hospice offers grief and bereavement services. Hospice is there to comfort and support you and your family for at least one year. There are a variety of bereavement services available, including telephone calls, visits, grief and support groups, and individual counseling, among other services.


Check with your local hospice organization to learn more about services offered to your loved one and for the family/caregiver.


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