Grief and Social Media

The Internet has become a common place to express thoughts and feelings. Whether it is via a social media platform, like Facebook or Twitter, or through a blog post, many use these websites as a sounding board and to connect with the community.


But when it comes to grief, is the Internet world an appropriate place to share feelings? Is there a benefit to sharing grief online vs. the more traditional in-person methods?

  • Some find it more comfortable to share emotions from behind a computer monitor, where no one can see their pain and tears. You may not be ready to deal with grief in the real world quite yet, and could even be feeling the pressure of having to “move on”. Social media platforms give users the ability to express these feelings.
  • The Internet also provides a means of communication to spread the word about a death quickly, without having to make numerous phone calls to family and friends.
  • Lastly, the Internet makes it easier for others to reach out and share their words of comfort with you. The sense of community on Facebook and Twitter are certainly not something to be under-valued. Often times, people who have not spoken in years, connect on these platforms and express their support during hard times.


Additionally, Social media platforms, are taking steps to encourage sharing feelings, thoughts and grief on their sites. For example, Facebook has adopted a “memorial” status as a way for friends and family of the deceased to express their grief. This seems to be well accepted across the Facebook community.


But even before this “memorial” status was developed, it was not uncommon to come across a post from someone sharing their memories and messages of their loss. Even on Twitter, there are some very encouraging and supportive tweets that have been compiled within the 140 character limit.


Returning to our original question: Is the Internet the place to share grief? Our answer is that it is an acceptable place to express grief, but ultimately, the choice is yours. Do what you feel is most comfortable.


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