Slowing Down this Holiday Season

As the Christmas season quickly approaches, we remind you to stop and take a moment to breathe, even if it’s only long enough to read this post.


Think about the time since Thanksgiving, the time between now and Christmas, as well as your Christmas plans. You are probably very busy. Since Thanksgiving, you may have found yourself immersed in Thanksgiving clean-up, preparations for decorations, and most likely some shopping expeditions. From now until Christmas, chances are, you have a substantial list of things to do, including decorating, shopping, wrapping, cleaning, preparing for guests, packing for travel, meal planning, etc. Then of course, the series of places you are expected to visit on Christmas eve and Christmas day, or warming your home for guests visiting you.


When do you have the opportunity to stop and smell the roses? Be sure to make some time to do this. Evaluate the events you are participating in. Think of the ideal “Christmas” or holiday season for yourself. Is there anything you can do to avoid getting caught up in the chaos and instead truly enjoy the holidays? Really take some time to think it through. Life is too precious to be caught in the chaos that can come with this season. Your quality of your life can be one that is much more relaxing and joyful.


We hope you find peace, comfort and, most importantly joy and relaxation this Christmas. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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