What you should know about Veteran Funeral Benefits

The Veteran’s Administration (VA) provides benefits to Veterans who are “discharged or separated from active duty under conditions other than dishonorable, and have completed the required period of service”.


Through the Veterans Administration (VA), Veterans may be eligible for benefits such as: $300 reimbursement towards cremation services, free headstones or markers, and presidential memorial certificates.


United States Veterans may also be entitled to space in any National Cemetery, should they choose to be buried or have their ashes interred there. The VA operates 125 national cemeteries. Burial options are limited to those available at a specific cemetery but may include in-ground casket, or interment of cremated remains in a columbarium, in ground or in a scatter garden. It’s important to note that he government runs these programs and benefits may change at any time.


The VA can also provide an American flag to drape the casket of a veteran and to a person entitled to retired military pay. After the funeral service, the flag may be given to the next of kin or a close associate. VA also will issue a flag on behalf of a service member who was missing in action and later presumed dead. Flags are issued at VA regional offices, national cemeteries, and at some post offices.


Veterans benefits are not paid automatically. It is your responsibility to contact the Veterans Administration. We can assist you with the process as well.


If you have any questions on veteran’s benefits or would like assistance planning a funeral for a veteran, please contact us. Please visit our veteran’s benefits page for more details:

Veterans Benefits or to download forms and resources for veterans, please visit: Helpful Forms


Other Resources:

VA Burial Benefits: www.cem.va.gov/

Spouse/Survivor Benefits: www.vba.va.gov/survivors/

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